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Speaking of a happy reunion!

A few years after our successful collaboration, Yara has chosen Geldof for the renewal of 190m of quay belt, where they want to increase transport capacity but also improve safety and cleanliness. This quay belt transports nitrate granules from the tower to the shiploader by means of tripper car that can move over the full […]

Tank Maintenance @Shell Pernis refinery

We scored a project of tank Maintenance at the Shell Pernis refinery. Both tanks have a diameter of 36 m. After jacking the tanks, we will replace the central bottoms, including the annular ring and the internal piping. Then 1 tank is fitted with a new wind stiffener. The other works consist of various activities […]

Third scrubber tower for Belco®

After successful construction of 2 BELCO® scrubbers, there is now a third project ongoing.  We were awarded the construction of another wet gas scrubber tower, that will be completely shop built and transported by boat to South America by medio next year. The stainless steel BELCO® scrubber, with a diameter of 4.5 and a height […]

Right on schedule for acceptance by our client …

In mid-2020, BDI entrusted us with a very exciting project; the construction of 30 tanks for a big project close to home. With 13 tanks in carbon steel, 17 tanks in stainless steel, a range from 3.3m to 15.2m in diameter and heights from 4.5 to 20m, this project offers a veritable smorgasbord of storage […]

Safety, quality and planning are key

Mid-July we received another Tank Maintenance order. We were selected to carry out some modifications to a tank pit. It concerns 10 tanks in 3 different sizes. 4 Tanks of 24 meters, 2 Tanks of 18 meters, 4 Tanks of 15 meters. All Tanks are 13 meters high. The scope includes the replacement of all […]

Beautiful (follow-up) project @ETT

After a successful completion of the ETT4 project, we were, by the end of last year, awarded with a beautiful (follow-up) assignment, the ETT5 project. We are building 6 new storage tanks, all 30 m high, with contents ranging from 9,000 to 21,000 m³ and a diameter of 19 to 30 m. After applying a […]

Not all superheros wear capes…

Het is altijd leuk om vast te stellen dat onze medewerkers niet alleen uitblinken in het uitvoeren van hun opdrachten en realiseren van onze projecten maar ook buiten Geldof onze ‘We Care’ waarden in zich meedragen. In dit kader willen we dan ook graag onze collega Frank Faes in de bloemetjes zetten voor zijn dappere […]