Entries by Sophie Verhaeghe

12 tanks on their way to our eastern neighbours

Not only on site, but also in our workshop, Geldof employees are delivering great quality. For Gefo Gesellschaft für Oeltransporte mbH, a company specialized in maritime transports of chemicals, liquid gases and mineral oils in Europe, we were selected to build 12 pressure tanks with each a length of almost 25m and a weight of […]

Geldof contributes to safe gas distribution in Corsica

Next to innovative solutions, we are always looking for new markets in foreign countries. One of our projects in line with this Geographical Expansion Strategy started recently at the site of Engie in Ajaccio, Corsica. Engie is a major player in the energy transition in various countries. The group offers electricity and natural gas energy […]

Geldof visits Yara Sluisil

After satisfactory completion of our fourth project at Yara Sluiskil, the Geldof employees had the chance to see the results with their own eyes as we were invited to visit our Northern neighbors’ site in the Netherlands. Last Saturday, May 11, we left Harelbeke early in the morning for what promised to be a very […]

Tricky transport

As much as we enjoy successfully finishing a project in our workshop, we know that the real challenge has often only begun: transporting and installing this huge, heavy construction at our client’s desired location. So when we got to load a pulverized coal silo at our quay in Harelbeke and ship it to the site […]

Geldof renews ASME and VCA-P certificate

We are happy to mention that our ASME certificate that was renewed for another 3 years. This allows us to build, repair and register pressure vessels, in shop and on construction sites worldwide, according to ASME VIII Div.1 and Div2. The ASME Team Leader gave us a great compliment on the quality of the work […]

Successful testing @Oikos site!

“We can proudly announce that already eight storage tanks at the Oikos site have passed their hydrotest with flying colours!” At the beginning of last year, Geldof was entrusted with a project 50 km east of Londen. Our scope consists of the construction and painting works of 12 storage tanks, each one of them with […]

Geldof goes ‘de Warmste Week’

At Geldof, we do not only “tell” people that we care, we also like to “act” on it. Every year radio station Studio Brussel organizes “De Warmste Week”, a fund drive to help thousands of worthy causes and this year we also participated. In the past six months, the Geldof employees walked, ran and cycled thousands […]