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Smooth conveyor installation @Elecnor !

A few weeks ago we posted about the conveyor belts and bridges, ready for take-off to Gent (@Elecnor). Not only in the shop, but also on site, everything is going according plan! As you can see in the timelapse video , the conveyor was installed very smoothly.     May 5th, 2021

One million safe worked hours for the #sunliquid project

Last week, the Geldof team received from Clariant’s construction management a commemorative plaque to thank us for our contribution to “working safely”, enabling the #Clariant #sunliquid project to reach the milestone of 1,000,000 worked hours without accidents at work. As Health, Safety and Environment are our top priority goals while planning and conducting construction work, […]

Well coordinated and prepared teamwork @Evos Rotterdam

As part of the methanol expansion project at the Evos Rotterdam terminal, early March the first of 4 carbon steel tanks (diameter 32m) has been fitted with the first roof trusses and crown. A job that required the simultaneous use of 2 cranes and multiple aerial platforms in the tank. Of course, all of this had […]

Ready for take-off

End of October you could read a post about one of our exciting dry bulk projects in Gent. As we mentioned, 90% of the scope of delivery is constructed and assembled in our workshop and transported to the site. Construction in our shop is all going according to plan, as proven by the conveyor belts […]

Cargill here we come

BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH builds biodiesel production plants worldwide. They have been commissioned by Cargill Ghent to build the process installation for the Midas project. This Midas project is a third-generation biodiesel and biochemicals plant that will use complex waste oils as raw materials and process them into fuel. For this project, we are asked to […]

Still going strong @Team Terminal

We have some more good news to report… While 5 tanks have already been renovated by us and successfully put back into service by Team Terminal, a sixth one was returned in tip-top condition on Monday February 1st 2021. After filling this tank with oil earlier in the month, it is once again ready for […]

3000m³ “brewing” vessel @Alco Bio Fuel

Alco Bio Fuel (ABF) is one of Belgium’s major biorefineries processing grain into bio-ethanol, protein-rich animal feed: (DDGS), liquid CO2, and a number of other by-products such as corn oil. In 2007, when the factory in Ghent was constructed, Geldof built the fermenters. For the expansion of production, we were asked to construct one more […]

Steps into the nuclear world …

ONDRAF / NIRAS, the National Institute for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials, is investing heavily at its Dessel site for the storage of nuclear waste. An investment for the construction of storage building 167x has been approved in which the storage of low-level radioactive waste will take place. The nuclear waste will be stored […]