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Two gasometers passing under a bridge

Two gasometers designed and built by Geldof passing under a bridge on their way to our customer. It’s like entering a low parking garage with your car: even though you know you can make it through, you still feel a bit jittery until you make it safely to the other side. April 13th, 2022

Geldof joins the global effort in support of Ukraine

Geldof joins the global effort in support of Ukraine. The continued hostilities have profoundly shocked us and we feel deeply for the millions of innocent people displaced or otherwise affected. Some of our own employees have friends and relatives in Ukraine and are helping them out in several ways. The colleagues from our Polish sister […]

YOUCA Action Day: 3 Students @ Geldof

Geldof is pleased to welcome 3 students: Guillaume, Ian and Klaudia as our employees for a day. They committed to join the Geldof team for the YOUCA Action Day, the former ‘Zuiddag’. YOUCA Action Day is a campaign by YOUCA (YOUth for Change and Action) organized once a year which allows over 15.000 Flemish and […]

Innovative solutions ensure a smooth continuation…

We are very pleased to announce that we reached our next milestone on the site of TEAM Terminal! The tower crane, placed in the middle of the tank was disassembled and the floating roof is finished right on schedule. Since time is ticking and the weather can have a big influence on our work, we […]

Pressure for pressure vessel part delivery

Some time ago, Geldof had the pleasure of receiving a new order from a prestigious refinery in Antwerp. After successful collaborations for previous construction projects, the customer decided to entrust us with a pressure vessel. The order: the engineering and fabrication of a new top part for an existing Crude Oil Distillation Tower. Weighing in […]

A peek behind the curtain…

Have you ever looked at the roof of a large cryogenic tank and wondered: “How on earth did they install that?” In that case you’re in luck, because today, we are giving you a sneak peek behind the curtain of one of our projects in the South of France. Enjoy! December 13th, 2017  

YOUCA Action Day

In what is fast becoming an annual tradition, Geldof is pleased to welcome a secondary school student as our “employee for a day”. This year’s student is named Simon, and he joins us today as part of YOUCA Action Day. YOUCA Action Day is a campaign by YOUCA (formerly Zuiddag) organized once a year which […]

Millimeter precision at LBC Rotterdam

Recently, Geldof achieved a new milestone in LBC Rotterdam’s Rainbow Project. On a bright and sunlit day, we installed the first module (berth 1) on the jetty. The heaviest of the two separate modules to be shipped to LBC Rotterdam that week, this structure required some special attention… Module 1 measures 36 meters in length, […]