Our New Year’s message for you


The smell of pine trees fills the streets and houses, people are curling up under warm, cozy blankets and twinkly lights are going up around homes and offices. The holiday season is traditionally a time to take stock of the year gone by and to make resolutions for the upcoming year…

This past year has given up much to be grateful for. We have tackled fascinating engineering and construction challenges, strengthened our relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners, and we have been granted a series of new and exciting projects around the globe. At the same time, 2019 has also been a tipping point for the awareness of climate change around the world.

This is why our New Year’s resolution for this year is to think green… From waste reduction and optimized resource management in our offices to durable products and sustainable building methods at our sites, 2020 is the year we look for eco-friendly alternatives to provide the same level of customer satisfaction we are known for. And why wait until January when you can start today? This is why we are choosing to send you electronical season’s greetings instead of paper cards. A small measure to take, but just one single part of a larger effort to re-think our environmental and social impact as a company. Because ‘we care’ is not just something we say, it’s something we do.

Wishing you a festive holiday and a very green New Year!


Speaking of social impact, Geldof makes a yearly donation to a charity of our choice. This year, we have selected a couple of local organizations of ‘De Warmste Week’

December 19th, 2019